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July 8th, 2009

Just posting for those who might be interesting in chatting, please feel free to read my profile and drop me a line, always happy to meet new people!

April 1st, 2007

Hello. Just found this community and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a skunk from Cocoa, FL looking to make new friends and hoping that out there is a ladyfur who may be my soulmate.

I am a warm, affectionate soul who even though is in his early 40s, still knows how to have fun. I enjoy being outdoors: hiking, camping, fishing, playing in the mud... I also like parties, hanging out with friends, going to the movies, pawpetry, going to fur cons. A big passion of mine is fursuiting. My main fursuit now is a pine marten character named Travis Sebastian, who likes to wear a black pvc dress with a leather corset over it:


I also have a skunk fursuit (my main fursona) in the works and hope to show it off at the next Skunks As Pets skunk show. I adore skunks and have a RL pet skunk as well. Pictures of my little Basil can be found on my website:


I also intend to have a wolf fursuit patterned after this RL wolf I encountered (came to within 100 feet) in Nunavik (http://www.nunavik-tourism.com/map2.html) a year ago:


I currently work as an engineer at the Kennedy Space Center on the Solid Rocket Boosters. It is the culmination of a long dreamed of career in the space program and the result of 9 years of schooling (bachelor and master of science in mechanical engineering).

My Bio on my LJ profile has some of this info on me, and I also have an add on Pounced:


November 18th, 2006

A friend of mine is having some financial problems right now and therefore offering all sorts of commissions.
This includes normal drawn artwork (No adult artwork), and even keyrings, con badges, car danglers and magnets. (though other things can always be asked for and discussed as well)

I had the privelige of commissioning her before and she does some really great art pieces.
she was the artist that made some magnets and a con badge for me, as well as a gift for my friend Kaelin, all of which i'm very pleased.

A lot of examples of her work can be seen in her journal here:

But feel free to visit her DA page as well, where she has more of her work:

She is from the UK, but ships internationally, and payment is through paypal.
Please if anyone want to commission her and thus help her out, this would be very appreciated!

(crossposted around a bit)

November 14th, 2006

(no subject)

Completing research reports feels great~
So why don't I do them more often?
Oh yeah 8D Because the pain of getting one started outweighs the joy of knowing I completed it XD XD

So I thought I'd post some pictures of our puppies because OMG they're so cute ^_^Collapse )

(no subject)

Hello all~
Just joined ^_^

I'm Lavender Wolf, but I go usually go by Lav or Lavvy, or whatever nickname you feel like making from my name 83
*thinks* And I never know what to say as an introduction
Oh well

I'm in college at Chattanooga State
I'm studying Psychology, I find it extremely interesting and love to study disorders and behavior
But I'm thinking of changing my major to Game design/testing because I've loved video games almost all my life
Or maybe computer engineering because everyone keeps telling me there's big money there XD XD XD
I spend pretty much all of my time either playing video games or sitting at my laptop ^_^
My favorite games are Final Fantasy, the Tales Of series, the Suikoden series, The Sims, the .Hack series, Elder Scrolls III (I can't wait to get IV), and the Dragon Warrior/Quest series

I didn't really get in touch with my furriness until earlier this year~
But I've loved furry artwork, stories, and stuff like that for a while

AIM: BartholomeuBlair
MSN: Ginkan_SilverKnight@msn.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/blairthorne
GaiaOnline: Lavender Wolf
GreatestJournal: Lavender_Wolf
Feel free to add me, I'm not picky about friends XP
But please comment if you do so I'll know who's added me ^_^

My personality~
Online, I can be pretty talkative and cheerful
Offline, I'm only like that with friends or people I've been around for a while
Other times, I'm extremely quiet and nervous o_o
I like being random and funny~

Oh yeah, and then there's this survey that I stole last night when I was reading through the community 8D
Fun survey-thing to get to know me better~ Note: My answers are from last nightCollapse )

And I guess that's all ^_^
Feel free to ask anything else you'd like to know 83

May 11th, 2006

In a combined effort of My idea and maintence and timduru's coding and
hosting, we've created a Fursuit Picture Of The day RSS Feed. Similer
to the Astronomy picture of the day. Every day (or so) I'll choose an
image at random i find cool cute, unique, whatever involving fursuits.
The majority of the source will be from the fursuit archive http://fursuit.timduru.org, however other pics may show up from other sites, my own collection etc.

If you would like to submit sugestions you can email me, I'll see about
getting a "submit" code at the end of the page once we work out the
bugs and gauge interest

You may add the feed as a friend via this url http://www.livejournal.com/friends/add.bml?user=fursuitpod

Heavily Cross Posted, please share

May 4th, 2006

Hey there, anyone going to Metrocon, June 2-4th?
Its an anime con here in Tampa, Florida.
I know I'm headed there in suit with floridapawpals.
Will look like the Oniyaneko, the demon kitty-bat in my icon!
Anyone else going? In suit? Cosplaying? Wanna meet up? :)

(45$ if you buy tickets now for all 3 days! 25$ at the door for one day!)

Please Take Part
A Humanitarian Plea to FursCollapse )

May 3rd, 2006

New Community!

Recently created, a new furry community for furries who live in Indiana! If you're a furry that lives in IN, come join indiana_furs! And if you have some friend that live in Indiana, please point them our way! Hope to see you there!

-Nott L. Eurydice

April 22nd, 2006

Post Your Pics!

Well, this community has had some high and low posting points, so I figured we could spam each other's FLists with pics.

And don't forget to ADD ME!

Here are mine. Antimon and I, then just me, then Oni and I.
As the world falls down.Collapse )
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